Power House Design & Assembly
Electromechanical Design & Assembly

Are you facing one of these issues?

  • Running out of space
  • Assembly work not key to your business
  • Trying to reduce your supplier base
  • Want to reduce your inventory holding
  • Don’t want to take on more staff
  • Trying to find a customized component manufacturer

For many years, Power House has been manufacturing Electro-Mechanical assemblies to support our power, thermal and filtering Customers. More recently, we have expanded our capabilities to include manufactured assemblies with out power, thermal or filtering products.

Some of these projects include:

  • Cable Wire and Harness Assemblies
  • Prototype and Quick Turn Around
  • Sub – Assembly Builds
  • Complete Box Builds
  • Pneumatic Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Printed circuit board Assembly & Test
  • Finished Product and Sub – Assembly Testing
  • Inspection and Quality Assurance


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